For Students

Students across North Dakota participate in events, programs, outreach, and research.

  • Students who have received or anticipate receiving ND EPSCoR support should familiarize themselves with the required templates and information- including the required presentation template for sponsored research, how to acknowledge funding from NSF (and other government entities), photo release forms, and more.
  • Students looking to better understand ND EPSCoR and how they may increase their competitiveness can browse the compiled information about how ND EPSCoR has impacted the workforce. The page lists students who have received ND EPSCoR awards, which can help students find role models through peer connections and make a plan to apply for awards in the future. Don't be shy about reaching out to your peers for advice and guidance!
  • Students looking to get involved with STEM outreach and education can also look into our pages on our programs and outreach efforts across the state.
  • Graduate students looking for information about professional development opportunities:
    • At NDSU: Graduate Professional Skills Academy information
    • At UND: Professional Development, Planning and Workshops information