Students in Technology Transfer And Research (STTAR)

The Students in Technology Transfer And Research (STTAR) program provides upper-division students ( i.e., juniors through graduate students) in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics with an opportunity to use their academic training and experience to address challenging science and technology-based problems faced by North Dakota companies. Although related to the more general cooperative education and internship programs offered throughout the state, the primary emphasis of STTAR is on research and development rather than sales and marketing. ND EPSCoR cost-shares the student salary.

To apply for STTAR support, companies complete a brief form indicating how students will make a contribution to company performance, products, or processes using science and technology. Companies must provide a minimum 1:1 match but can elect to increase its cost share.  


NOTICE: Given the anticipated state budget cuts, the STTAR program has been temporarily suspended. We apologize for any inconvenience. (2-14-17)

Request for Business Participation—Summer 2017 (Eligibility,Timelines, Info)

Business Application form—Summer 2017 pdf interactive format