STEM at Home Activities with ND EPSCoR

The ND EPSCoR State Office is bringing fun STEM projects to families at home via our YouTube channel. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and join us for our STEM at Home activities video series, new videos are available each month. Finding engaging STEM projects for elementary students that families can facilitate is not always easy. The ND EPSCoR State Office is collecting and sharing simple and fun projects for young students to help teach important critical thinking skills and potentially spark a lifetime interest in STEM. Share your learning with us by tagging us on social media @NDEPSCoR and letting us know how the experiment went!

Bernoulli's Principle

Tensegrity Devices

Skeleton Robot Hand

Infinite Chocolate Bar

Strawberry DNA Extraction

Milk and Food Coloring

Fluffy Slime

Engineering Edition: Let's Make a Helicopter

Engineering Edition: Let's Make a Zip Line

Engineering Edition: Let's Make a Car

Engineering Edition: Let's Make a Boat

Tie Dye Science

Soda and Milk Chemistry

Let's Make Ice Cream

Cotton Ball Launcher

The Science of Chalk

Autumn Leaves

Structure Building

Let's Make Oobleck

Make Your Own Snow

NATURE Extension Edible Pie Cell

NATURE Extension Counting Equilibrium

NATURE Extension Bioinformatics

Storm in a Glass

Calm Down Jar

Floating Paperclip

Onion DNA Extraction