Students in Technology Transfer And Research (STTAR)

The Students in Technology Transfer And Research (STTAR) program was established in 1994 as a response to recognized state and national needs for increased technology transfer from universities to industry. Since it began, over 100 North Dakota companies from across the state have participated in this highly successful program.

The STTAR program provides upper-division students (i.e. juniors through graduate students) in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics with an opportunity to use their academic training and experience to address challenging science and technology-based problems faced by North Dakota companies. The primary emphasis of STTAR is real-life experiences in research, development and/or technology transfer.

Benefits of the STTAR program include:

  • financial support to offset some of the cost of hiring interns;
  • support for companies in technical areas;
  • practical work experience for students; and
  • better trained workforce

    Program Information and Applications

    Business Eligibility:

    The North Dakota business enterprise does NOT have to be a technology company to be eligible for assistance. However, the research effort or specific problem to be addressed must have its foundation in STEM. To participate, companies must demonstrate that students will use their science and technology education and experience to: 1) make significant contributions to company performance, 2) contribute to new product/process development, and/or 3) advance company’s technology transfer activities including intellectual property protection and commercialization. 

    To qualify for STTAR, companies must provide a minimum wage of $15/hour to the student to be eligible to participate in STTAR. Maximum summer program award per intern from ND EPSCoR is$3,600. Reimbursement for internships must occur between May 1, 2024 through August 31, 2024 for a minimum of eight (8) weeks. Allocation of positions is based on the availability of funds.

    Student Eligibility:

    • Must be U.S. citizens or eligible to work in the United States;

    And be at least sophomore status (by credits earned) and enrolled at college or univeristy that is part of:

    • North Dakota University System;
    • North Dakota Tribal College System; or
    • Other colleges and universities, if a North Dakota resident.

    New Application Process for 2024!

    Applications for the STTAR Summer 2024 program are online using the InfoReady platform which provides a single location to review program requirements, submit applications, and store agreements. Registration for InfoReady is easy and a link to register is available on the login page. Instructions for how to access and use InfoReady are available.

    STTAR Summer 2024 application timeline:

    • January 3, 2024: Application period opens.
    • February 26, 2024: Last day to submit the Students in Technology Transfer and Research (STTAR) Business Application Form via NDSU InfoReady.
    • May 6, 2024: Signed agreements returned to NDSU and shared on NDSU InfoReady
    • August 31, 2024: Companies and students provide final reports submitted via NDSU InfoReady
    • September 15, 2024: Companies final invoice must be submitted.

    2024 Participating Businesses

    Aethero, Inc., Grand Forks
    Amity, Fargo
    Apex Engineering Group, Bismarck
    Bushel Inc., Fargo
    ComDel Innovation, Wahpeton
    CorVent Medical, Fargo
    Creedence Energy Services, Minot
    Dakota Growers Pasta Company, Carrington
    Elinor Coatings, Fargo
    Marvin, Fargo
    MBN Engineering Inc., Fargo
    Moore Engineering Inc., West Fargo
    Nodak Electric Coop, Grand Forks
    Rugby Manufacturing, Rugby
    Swanson Health Products, Fargo