ND EPSCoR is committed to broadening the STEM pathway, helping to build capacity and capabilities of students and faculty across the state. NATURE and STTAR programs help increase student awareness, interest, and perseverance in STEM disciplines. The Track-1 NSF program also encourages student involvement as well as faculty development, helping build research opportunities and providing a diverse, highly skilled workforce within ND.

To assist students, the NATURE programs, both from summer camps and Sunday Academies, have produced a number of learning modules which teachers may want to incorporate into their lesson plans. See the K-12 section for more information.

To assist researchers and other individuals who are seeking collaborators in areas of specialized interest, the EMPOWERED-ND Corps has developed a document to assist with finding collaborators at all EPSCoR-participating institutions:

ND EPSCoR Review: A Partnership to Build STEM Capacity

Prepared by the members of the EMPOWERED ND Corps Committee

December 2018