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February 2024

Equipment at Minot State University supports workforce development for North Dakota
An ideal thickness for studying certain rocks and minerals underneath a microscope is 0.03 mm, or roughly one one-thousandth of an inch (also known as one thou).Put another way, it takes 1,000 thous to make one inch.

It’s a big deal, perhaps a game-changer, in this case, for Earth scientists like Dr. John Webster, a Geosciences researcher and professor at Minot State University.

3 Minute Thesis Competition - Congratulations!

The Three Minute Thesis (3MT) is an academic competition that challenges graduate students to effectively communicate their research to a non-specialist audience in just three minutes. 3MT competitions are held each year at the University of North Dakota and North Dakota State University.

January 2024

Blessings for President Vermillion's Retirement from Sitting Bull College

Dr. Laurel Vermillion, Lakȟóta name Oyate Wanyanka Pi Win, has retired as the President of Sitting Bull College (SBC) after serving for nearly two decades. As we bid farewell to this remarkable leader, let us take a moment to reflect on her legacy.

Sitting Bull College Welcomes President Phillips

Sitting Bull College (SBC) is a Tribal College located on the Standing Rock Nation. Standing Rock uniquely covers areas in southern North Dakota and northern South Dakota and spans about 2,275,000 acres. The region is known for ranching and dryland farming. SBC is committed to providing excellence in academic, career, and technical education while keeping up with current and future workforce needs. The college draws inspiration from its namesake, Chief Sitting Bull's vision, and focuses on building intellectual capital to drive economic and social development rooted in the Lakȟóta / Dakhóta culture and values.

SBC is currently celebrating its 50th Anniversary as an education institution serving the higher education needs of the Standing Rock Nation. SBC is also welcoming incoming President Dr. Tomi Kay Phillips, a US Army Veteran, Bush Fellow, and life long educator.

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